Custom Knives by Sergey Rogovets .

My design tools , paper and pencil.

Manual lathe , making pivot.

Few words about my knives. In today’s world then everything done on computers and quantity more important than quality, I do exactly opposite.

All my knives completely hand crafted by me, no CAD , no CNC , no waterjets .

Everything done in my shop from Design and parts manufacturing  to heat treatment and  assembly .

Buying from me you getting quality ,unique product what actually can be used and not just for looks .

All my knives coming with warranty what will cover it against manufacturer defects, however abuse and wear and tear is not covered. If used and maintained properly it will serve you  for many, many years .

Service and repairs available if needed . My goal to deliver best product available what will last.

Cutting parts on band saw.

Heat treatment.